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NF-8601 Cable Length Tester

NF-8601 Cable Length Tester

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NF-8601 Cable Length Tester

1. PoE / PING testing.
2. Trace targeted cable among lots of unknown cables ;                                                                   
3. Locate faults for RJ11/RJ45/BNC Cable;                                         
4. measure cable length accurately      
5. Voltage detecting function.                                                           
6. Memory and storage function, export or upload the data from PC. 
7. Lithium battery and color screen
1. Big LCD color screen 320*240
2. Function of storage and memory
3. Currency detection and lighting lamp 
4. Automatic delay power on-off
5.Low voltge alarm function
6. Lithium battery for more efficient work
Technical indexes: 
NF-8601 Transmitter specifications: 
1. Indictor: LCD 320×240 mm, with backlight
2. Cable test types: STP/UTP 5E, 6E network, telephone, coaxial cable. 
3. Max. distance of wiremap: 2000m
4. Max. distance of tracing: 2000m
5. Max. distance of cable length: 1000m
6. Min. distance of calibration: 10m
7. Accuracy: 3% (after calibration)
8. Compatible connectors: RJ11, RJ45, Coaxial, PING/POE, BNC
9. Cable map indication: LCD (#1-#8)
10. Battery Type: 3.7V lithium battery 1800mAh
11. Dimension (LxWxD): 173x92x34mm
NF-8601 Receiver specifications:
1. Cable hunting: RJ11, RJ45, BNC
2. Types of cable: ≥ 2cores
3. Battery Type: 3.7V lithium battery 1800mAh
4. Dimension (LxWxD): 183x58x35mm
NF-8601 Remote unit specifications:
1. Compatible connectors: RJ11, RJ45, BNC
2. Dimension (LxWxD): 106x32x30mm
Accessories Included:
1. Bulit-in battery x 2 set
2. Adapted telephone line x 1 set
3. Adapted network cable x 1 set
4. Cable clips x 1 set
5. Charging adaptor  x 1 set
6. Carry case  x 1 set 


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