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NF-469 Cable Tester

NF-469 Cable Tester

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NF-469 Cable Tester

Series NF-469 Twin-end Multifunctional Port flash cable checker can test corresponding double twisted cables 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and G. Automatic Scan mode, rapidly testing, the streamline shape is in accord with the design of somatology. The fluent and concise line and the design of preventing break and light adapts to test in construction locate. Especially Port flash function is used to find cables which connected with a Switch.
Standard configuration:
Main tester
1 Remote
1 user manual
1 Color box
1 Cloth bag
Applications Include:
1.Visible LED status display.
2.Verifies RJ45 RJ11 cables.
3.Checks wire map of continuity, open, short and cross.
4.Port flash function for locating cables by the flashing light on a Switch.
5.Adjustable testing speed, slow or quick.



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